Hazel Dormouse

Grey Squirrel

  • Landscape Woodland
  • Season Spring

1,000’s of years ago the UK was covered by woodlands, today deciduous woodlands cover approximately 13%. Woodlands are amazing places and visiting one at any time of the year is wonderful, but in spring many deciduous woods are carpeted blue or white with Bluebells and Wood Anemones. If you are very quiet you may see deer foraging under the not yet leafed canopy, their reddish-brown fur contrasting brilliantly with the blue of the Bluebells.

Woodlands provide mammals with food, commuting routes, and places to rest and rear young and therefore many mammals can be found in woodland. Some species are quite common for instance; fox, badger, hare, grey squirrel and wood mouse. Some however are not so common such as the hazel dormouse, red squirrel, and some of our native bat species and finding evidence that one of these is present is a rare and exciting treat.

If you learn the characteristic signs and look closely you too can find evidence of mammal presence in a woodland.

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