Bowdown Woods



Brown Long-eared Bat

  • Landscape Woodland
  • Season Spring

Bowdown Woods in Berkshire are a mosaic of mysterious hidden valleys, sunny glades and patches of heathland. They are a great example of how nature can thrive and develop on a site vacated by people. The nature reserve, which is looked after by the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT), is part of the West Berkshire Living Landscape, which creates spaces for wildlife and people to enjoy.
Source: Wildlife Trust Bowdown Woods website

Bowdown Woods are a natural playground which can be explored all year round, but in spring many ancient deciduous woods like Bowdown, are carpeted blue with bluebells. If you are very quiet you may see grey squirrels foraging in the tree tops or muntjac deer feeding on the bluebells.

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