Go nuts in Autumn!


Autumn Issue

Welcome to the Autumn Issue of The Mammal Next Door!
Autumn can be a fabulous time of year in the UK with it’s annual changing of colours. There is a glut of food for mammals; some of which for example the dormouse and hedgehog will provide essential fat stores for hibernation, whereas others (who don’t hibernate like wood mice and squirrels) will stash food in their burrows or bury them in the ground.
So whilst you are outdoors why not check out wet and muddy footpaths and see if you can identify any paw prints. Maybe walk along a hedgerow and try to count the number of food sources available to mammals. Hint: it’s not just the berries they will be eating!

In this issue we have the Red deer as our Mammal Hero, The Family Tree is about mice and rats and our Landscape of the Season is Heathland. Enjoy!

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