In love with the summertime!


Summer Issue

Welcome to the Summer Issue of The Mammal Next Door!
The UK summers can be a total wash-out thanks to our maritime climate, however when the sun does shine the UK countryside is glorious; bees buzzing, butterflies flitting from flower to flower, babbling brooks, sandy beaches and golden corn fields to name just a few beautiful sights!
Although us humans spend more time outdoors at this time of year, we rarely see mammals or field signs of their presence due to a lack of visible footprints (dry soils) and no obvious feeding signs. But if you are out during the day you may catch a glimpse of juvenile squirrels (who are now independent) scampering up and down the trees. If you are up really late fox cubs like Cosmos who have also gained independance will be out and about looking for new territories.

In this Summer issue we will have the Otter as our Mammal Hero, we will be introducing our 6 deer species in the Family Tree section and Riverine is our Landscape of the Season.

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