Spring Fever!


Spring Issue

Welcome to the Spring Issue of The Mammal Next Door!
Spring is definitely nothing to be sneezed at! It's a great season to get out and about looking for signs of our elusive mammals. With April showers and unpredictable weather, muddy footpaths are a great place to investigate mammal footprints creating a natural footprint survey of mammals near you!
In this issue, we have a brown long-eared bat as our Mammal Hero —according to our "What's your favourite UK bat?" poll, the brown long-eared bat was the species that received more votes from our audience. We'll also take a closer look at the Mustelidae family and its members' diet and hunting behaviours. We are delighted to invite you for a virtual walk through the beautiful and mysterious BBOWT nature reserve, Bowdown Woods.

Discover what Oddity and Cosmos have been up to since we saw them last. Our friends, the bat workers, have found Oddity roosting in a bat box. Cosmos has been very busy rearing her cubs.

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