Go nuts in Autumn!


Autumn Issue

Welcome to the Autumn Issue of The Mammal Next Door!

Autumn is a fabulous time of year in the UK: the deciduous tree leaves are changing from vibrant green to yellows, oranges and red before finally dropping their leaves to the ground. The woodland crunches underfoot with Beech Mast and brown leaves lying on the ground and the hedgerows are full of berries, black brambles, and red hawthorn. This also means a glut of food for mammals; some of which for example the dormouse and hedgehog will provide essential fat stores for hibernation, whereas others (who don’t hibernate like wood mice and squirrels) will stash food in their burrows or bury them in the ground.
So whilst you are outdoors in autumn look out for grey squirrels foraging in the trees and burying food ready for winter. Or if you are up after dark you may get the chance to see a bat like Oddity flying around your garden feeding up on insects before they fly off to their hibernation sites. But remember autumn is also the time for bonfires so please check your bonfire pile before lighting it to make sure that no hedgehogs seeking a refuge for their winter hibernation are curled up inside!

In this issue we have the life of red squirrel as our Mammal Hero, The Family Tree is about Eulipotyphla and our Landscape of the Season is Wetland.

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