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Spring Issue

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Welcome to the first Spring Issue of The Mammal Next Door!

Here you will learn about some of the mammals that are resident within the UK and how to spot them, as many mammals are nocturnal and as such very elusive. We will also teach you what mammals get up to in the spring season.

In this issue we have the life of a hazel dormouse as our Mammal Hero, The Family Tree is about mustelids and our Landscape of the Season is Woodland. You will also meet our Guides: Oddity a Brown Long-eared bat and a very young fox cub called Cosmos. So winter has come and gone and mammals that hibernate are starting to wake-up, if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of an early evening foraging Hedgehog or a Bat like Oddity in flight catching insects. For those mammals that do not hibernate, spring is also a busy time as they go looking for mates or are rearing their young to independence.

Spring is a great season to get out and about looking for signs of our elusive mammals. With April showers and unpredictable weather, muddy footpaths are a great place to investigate mammal footprints creating a natural footprint survey of mammals near you!

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