Spring is definitely nothing to be sneezed at! It's a great season to get out and about looking for signs of our elusive mammals. With April showers and unpredictable weather, muddy footpaths are a great place to investigate mammal footprints creating a natural footprint survey of mammals near you!

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Brown long-eared bat
Mammal Hero

Ble bat is found throughout to the UK including Ireland but not on Orkney or Shetland. They will catch...

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Family Tree

In this issue we're going to look into the hunting behaviour of the Mustelidae family members...

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Bowdown Woods

Bowdown Woods in Berkshire are a mosaic of mysterious hidden valleys, sunny glades and patches of heathland...

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What have Oddity & Cosmos been up to since we saw them last?

Our friends, the bat workers, have found Oddity roosting in a bat box...

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Get Your Paws Dirty!

Games and crafts to keep you entertained on rainy days.

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