Mammal Next Door

The Mammal Next Door is an online magazine about British mammals for kids. Learn about mammals through interactive content, playing games, crafts and taking part in our competitions.

Our aim is to raise the awareness and understanding of mammal species in the UK. To achieve this, the website has been created to provide people with ecological, biological and field sign knowledge to enthuse young people about mammals and hopefully increase the recording of mammal presence in the UK landscape.

Meet the Team

Amanda Lloyd


The first creator of The Mammal Next Door is Amanda Lloyd, a mammal ecologist who has a degree in Zoology and a PhD in Ecology. Amanda has undertaken research on small mammals since 1998 (a long time ago now!) in numerous UK counties including Oxfordshire (where she currently lives). She belongs to her local mammal groups where she runs events to teach people about mammal field signs and generally get people out and about looking for mammals. Her paid work is as a Consultant Ecologist, surveying for bats, dormice and other protected species that may be affected by human development.

Amanda's favourite mammals (or Mammal Heroes) are; Red Squirrel, Dormouse and Harvest Mouse, although there are so many to choose from! So Pine Marten, Hedgehog and Brown Long‐eared bat are her Heroes in Waiting…

Clara Prieto


The second creator of The Mammal Next Door is Clara Prieto, a freelance graphic artist that specialises in infographics and illustration. She's always been interested in nature and wildlife, due to this she's currently studying a course on Mammal Ecology and Conservation by the University of Exeter. She's done various pieces of work for The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and her work has also been published in PTES The Dormouse Monitor Winter 2015. In her spare time, she collaborates with the Oxon and Berkshire Mammal Groups creating educative infographics about British mammals.

Clara's favourite mammals (or Mammal Heroes) are; Red Fox, Garden Dormouse and Hedgehog. She's also a big fan of horses and mustelids.



Toast is our resident blogger, in charge of writing any creative nonsense that occurs to him. He earned 360 degrees at Somersault college before studying for his career in savaging at Shepherd's Bush. After gaining huge amounts of experience in the fast food business he decided it was time to make himself known in his territory. Various pieces of his work have been released in a small village near Oxford. These works include Slippery Squirrel and the unforgettable Yesterday’s Lunch.

Bounding, climbing, swimming, investigating and smelling (smelling bad and smelling smells) are amongst Toast's many pastimes.

Toast's favourite mammals are Rabbits, Field Voles and Mice but he really isn’t fussy.

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